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cloth used for pool tables laid out

POOL table recovery/REFELT

Is your pool table in dire straits? We can help! We are the best in the business and take pride and care in recovering all commercial and home pool and billiard tables. We are professional, precise and use only the best materials and tools to recover (also called re-felt or re-cloth) your pool table. Nothing but the best!  We only use premium high-quality felt from Championship. The valley Teflon ultra is our top-of-the-line felt and its stain resistant Teflon surface will keep your billiard table looking sharp. There are many different colours to choose from. Other brands of felt can be available.
We attend your home or workplace. First we disassemble the rails and proceed to remove the old, worn out felt. We check for any rail damage and begin a thorough cleaning process which includes removing any dust and particles from the slate, and vacuuming the inside of your pool table.  Once that is complete we install the new felt on the rails and the slate. Finally, we reassemble the rails/pockets and check the level of your pool table. To request a quote, please fill out our Service Request Form.

POOL table assembly

We attend your home or workplace and complete the full setup of your pool table. Frame or the base is put together, slate applied, levelled and the joint seems filled. Final stages the cloth and rails/pockets are installed. Situations may vary so be sure to let us know the specific details to your job as these do determine the price of the service. Our pool table installations are performed by professionals and will have your table ready to play. To request a quote, please fill out our Service Request Form.

pool table refelting service process

POOL table disassembly

We attend your home or workplace and disassemble your pool table. Rails/pockets are disassembled and cloth from the slate is removed. Depending on the condition of the cloth, in some cases it can be reused again. The three piece slate is then removed carefully and can be moved safely to any area of your home or workplace. We use our OTLVISE slate moving dolly for any difficult obstacles such as stairs and tight corners. The frame, slate and all hardware is properly labelled to ensure proper installation when your pool table is ready to be assembled again. To request a quote, please fill out our Service Request Form.

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